This is a blog about 3 guys trying to become Youtube Stars. To get a closer look at each individual member click on the name tabs above.

Kevin and Björn are the "2 old men" and Lenny is "the blond". We met each other through our daily work. In the Winter we work as Ski-teachers and in the Summer as Raftguides.

Why do we want to become Youtube Stars ?

After Playing Risk (Risk is a strategic board game) once a week for about 2 years Björn was getting sick of never winning the game. He then stood up and said "I need a Red Bull". We started talking about Björn's funny addiction to the Energy drink and decided to make a funny Video about it.

Lenny already had a Camera, cause on a Free-lance bases he makes Event Videos for company's. 

After showing it to our friends the Idea raised to do more with Video and to start our own Youtube Comedy Channel.

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